[Livre] The Lost Whale: The True Story of an Orca Named Luna

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[Livre] The Lost Whale: The True Story of an Orca Named Luna Empty [Livre] The Lost Whale: The True Story of an Orca Named Luna

Message par a.a.k le 6/7/2015, 11:47

Bon, j'ai farfouillé, mais je ne vois le sujet nul part, donc:

The Lost Whale: The True Story of an Orca Named Luna
par  Michael Parfit et Suzanne Chisholm

Il s'agit d'un livre qui relate l'histoire de Luna, l'orque perdue qui s'est liée d'amitié avec les hommes.

Je ne peux pas encore poster un lien pour la couverture. Mais voici déjà le résumé de Goodreads:

The heartbreaking and true story of a lonely orca named Luna who befriended humans in Nootka Sound, off the coast of Vancouver Island by Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm.

One summer in Nootka Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, a young killer whale called Luna got separated from his pod. Like humans, orcas are highly social and depend on their families, but Luna found himself desperately alone. So he tried to make contact with people. He begged for attention at boats and docks. He looked soulfully into people's eyes. He wanted to have his tongue rubbed. When someone whistled at him, he squeaked and whistled back. People fell in love with him, but the government decided that being friendly with Luna was bad for him, and tried to keep him away from humans. Policemen arrested people for rubbing Luna’s nose. Fines were levied. Undaunted, Luna refused to give up his search for connection and people went out to meet him, like smugglers carrying friendship through the dark. But does friendship work between species? People who loved Luna couldn't agree on how to help him. Conflict came to Nootka Sound. The government built a huge net. The First Nations’ members brought out their canoes. Nothing went as planned, and the ensuing events caught everyone by surprise and challenged the very nature of that special and mysterious bond we humans call friendship. The Lost Whale celebrates the life of a smart, friendly, determined, transcendent being from the sea who appeared among us like a promise out of the blue: that the greatest secrets in life are still to be discovered.

Je n'ai pas encore lu le livre, mais je l'ai reçu il y a quelques jours. J'espère pouvoir venir en parler assez rapidement!

Est-ce que quelqu'un d'autre l'a lu???

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